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RC Online - The Online Resource for UN Resident Coordinators

The Online Resource for UN Resident Coordinators

RC Online is a facility under the UNSDG RC Talent Management Initiative, providing information and resources for Resident Coordinators, RC pool candidates and all other interested stakeholders.  The purpose of RC Online is to provide information and raise awareness on the Resident Coordinator position to better attract, retain and develop potential candidates to lead the UN system at country level.

In response to the demand for more information on the Resident Coordinator position, RC Online provides step by step guidance on how to pursue the RC position as a career option including details on the functions as per the RC Job Description, the eligibility requirements, the RC Assessment Centre and sponsorship arrangements.  Information is also available on the structures and process steps for the selection and appointment of Resident Coordinators.   The site also hosts Resident Coordinator profiles of serving Resident Coordinators, serving to shed insights on the ground realities of the work based on personal experience and views.

RC Online also provides a dedicated space for Resident Coordinators and Resident Coordinator pool candidates via a restricted access page.  This link makes information available on upcoming vacancies, updates on UNSDG policy developments, upcoming learning opportunities and other news such as colleagues on the move.  It is also the link to access the electronic version of Impact News – a newsletter for Resident Coordinators and Resident Coordinator pool candidates.

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