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Application and Selection Process

The selection process is both robust and transparent. If selected, you and the organisation will be confident that you can rise to this challenge. You will be kept informed of the progress of your application throughout the process and you will have a clear understanding and appreciation of each stage of the selection process.

This process will also demonstrate equality and fairness; and it will be conducted in line with the United Nations values.

Six phases of selection

Phase 1:
If you consider that your skills and experience match the challenge of this exciting position, you need to first apply to be sponsored by your own UN entity.

Phase 2:
Your respective UN entity will screen your application and if they agree that you match the eligibility criteria, they will sponsor you to go through the process of the Resident Coordinator Assessment Centre (RCAC).

Phase 3:
During the RCAC, you will have further time to reflect on whether or not this position is right for you. This will allow both you and the UN system to make clear decisions.

Phase 4:
Following the RCAC, a decision will be made about your suitability. If you are successful, you will be placed in the pool of potential Resident Coordinator candidates.

Phase 5:
Once in the RC Pool, we will work closely with you to inform you of upcoming vacancies and support your nomination for posts that best match your profile and skills.

Phase 6:
Successful appointments: we will work with you both before and during your first placement to strengthen your skills so as to improve your chances of success.

Unsuccessful nominations: we will continue to work with you to find a post that matches your profile and then support your nomination.

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