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RC Pool Candidates

What is it and who is in it?

The RC pool serves as an interagency roster of candidates who have passed the RCAC and are eligible to take up RC positions.  The pool consists of two sub groups:

Pool Active Candidates:  candidates available for assignments.

Pool Current RCs:  currently serving or designated RCs.


External candidates:  such candidates continue to be sponsored by the respective UN entity that has initiated the arrangements for them to undertake the RCAC.  In particular, the sponsoring UN entity puts up such candidates for inclusion into the RC pool as well as nominations for RC vacancies that match their profile.  Additionally the sponsoring UN entity is responsible for supporting and monitoring competency development for those candidates with identified development needs.

Criteria for retention in the RC pool 

Pool Active Candidates: Candidates are retained for a maximum of 6 years in total.  Alternatively, those candidates who do not express any interest in taking up any future assignment as an RC or that have retired are removed from the RC pool.

Pool Current RCs:  All candidates currently on assignment as RC are retained during their tenure.

Maintenance of the RC pool

The RC pool is managed and maintained by DCO on behalf of the IAAP and is updated on a regular basis, once per annum in the first quarter. The overall purpose is to ensure an active roster of viable candidates for RC positions.  The exercise is conducted on behalf of and in consultation with the IAAP members and is structured around the following,

  • Step 1:  Each calendar year, DCO sends a communication to HR Directors, requesting them to indicate whether their respective RC pool candidates are interested to remain in the RC pool for the current year.
  • Step 2: based on the response of each UN entity concerning the status of their respective RC pool candidate (s), the following actions may be taken,

Pool Active Candidates:  candidates who have not met the requirement for retention in the pool or indicate they are no longer interested in the RC positions  will be removed from the RC pool.

Pool Current RCs:  candidates remain in this pool as long as they are serving RCs.

See below under Other Considerations for another option concerning re entry to the RC pool.

If a candidate turns down a formal offer for an RC post, for which he/she has been approved by the Secretary-General, the candidate is removed from the pool.  Exceptions to this rule, consists of those circumstances not foreseen at the time of the application and require the approval of the IAAP.  A formal letter must be submitted by the sponsoring Agency to the IAAP indicating the nature of the problem and requesting that the IAAP retain the candidate on the RC pool list.

Candidates who are removed from the RC pool but later wish to re enter may be resubmitted by their respective sponsoring UN entity to the IAAP.  This is done through a formal written communication to the IAAP Chair with a brief explanation on the candidate’s changed circumstances leading to a request to have the person reinstated into the pool.

Proposed training for RC Pool candidates:

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