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Why become a Resident Coordinator?

  • You will be the direct representative of the UN Secretary General and as such, you will represent the full UN presence in the country.
  • This is a highly visible and influential position that involves operating at the uppermost levels of government and civil society together with other national stakeholders and development partners.
  • The role is a challenging and exciting one that demands excellent leadership, team building, facilitation, and negotiating skills. It also requires a wealth of experience in developing workable strategies that truly make a difference.
  • At the request of government, you will effectively support its coordination of all types of external development assistance in line with the Sustainable Development Goals, Agenda 2030, national development plans, UN Development Assistance Framework, and other planning frameworks.
  • You will coordinate UN System operational activities for development, create a platform of coordinated delivery, and promote efforts to develop national capacities.
  • You will ensure effective advocacy of the UN System core values, standards, principles, and activities on behalf of the UNCT with the highest level of government.
  • You will lead the inter-agency Security Management Team and effectively coordinate country level security to ensure the safety of all UN staff and dependents. You will encourage and support national efforts in disaster risk reduction when international humanitarian assistance is required.
  • When international humanitarian assistance is required and a separate Humanitarian Coordinator position is not established, you will lead and coordinate the response efforts of UNCT members and relevant humanitarian actors.

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