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Petra Lantz, Cape Verde

Cape Verde, RC Petra Lantz
The stone sculpture outside Cape Verde’s main airport bears a simple, yet evocative, inscription: “Si ka badu ka ta biradu”— Crioulo for “If you don’t leave, you can’t return.” “The words of poet Eugenio Tavares,” says Petra Lantz, the UN Resident Coordinator for the small island nation nestled off the Atlantic coast of West Africa.


Kenya, RC/HC Aeneas Chuma
Following the post-election violence in Kenya in 2008, it became clear through assessments and interviews that incidents of sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) were common but unreported among the displaced population. To ensure that adequate steps were taken to address SEA and develop an inter-agency SEA network, request was made for deployment of a dedicated IASC Gender Standby Capacity Adviser – GenCap – to assist. Since his arrival in Kenya in 2008, RC/HC Chuma has been an active supporter of the SEA Network. In an interview in April 2008, Mr. Chuma explained Kenya’s approach to protection from SEA.


Liberia, RC Jordan Ryan
When Jordan Ryan, the UN’s Resident Coordinator in Liberia, first arrived at his new post three years ago, he soon discovered the how much needed to be done to rebuild the war-shattered West African country.


Liberia, RC/ HC/ DSRSG Jordan Ryan
The Liberia UN Country Team under the leadership of Mr. Ryan realized that, in order to strengthen the UN and NGO system-wide programme to address sexual exploitation and abuse, a full-time dedicated coordinator under the RC/HC would be needed. In June 2006 the UNCT pooled funds to hire a full-time expert on protection from SEA. In an interview in June 2008, Mr. Ryan explained this approach and the successes and challenges he experienced in addressing sexual exploitation and abuse in Liberia.


Libya, RC Brian Gleeson
In February 2009, RC Gleeson hosted a learning event for senior management of the Libya UN Country Team (UNCT) and NGO government partners on protection from sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) by UN, NGO and IGO personnel, with support from the ECHA/ECPS UN and NGO Task Force on PSEA. During this learning event, Gleeson stressed that the lack of appropriate response mechanisms in Libya has most likely prevented incidents of SEA from being reported. He emphasized his commitment to leading efforts to scale up PSEA efforts in Libya and urged everyone present to join him in taking “concrete actions” to move forward. RC Gleeson reflects on issues related to SEA in a development context such as Libya and offers some thoughts about how to improve efforts.


Myanmar, RC Bishow Parajuli
Bishow Parajuli could scarcely have imagined a more challenging transition to his new post as Resident Coordinator in Myanmar. His predecessor had been expelled, the country was facing major political challenges, and the military government was deeply suspicious of foreign engagement.


Philippines, RC Jacqui Badcock (no longer Papua New Guinea)
Dr. Jacqui Badcock took up the reins as UN Resident Coordinator in the Philippines in September 2009 following her RC posts in Papua New Guinea and Namibia. With a long and distinguished career in the UN system, Dr. Badcock worked with WHO, FAO and UNICEF before taking up her RC posts.


Somalia, RC/HC Mark Bowden
In order to advance protection from sexual exploitation and abuse, Mark Bowden hosted a learning event for senior managers from the Somalia UNCT and NGO partners on the issue in November 2008 in his residence. The learning session offered the opportunity for managers to review their management responsibility and discuss challenges to addressing PSEA within Somalia. RC/HC Bowden also supported training for PSEA focal points. In an interview, he shares his expertise and insight about the successes and challenges of addressing sexual exploitation and abuse in Somalia, as well as around the world.

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