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About You

We are seeking to attract skilled women and men from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures.

Our aim is to reflect the true diversity of the world we operate in by selecting Resident Coordinators from as wide a cultural and experience pool as possible. This will involve searching for new Resident Coordinators across the whole UN System, as well as selecting people with the appropriate skills and competencies from outside
the system.

  • You will have the depth of applied knowledge, skills, and charisma to take up this challenge, as well as an evident desire to maximise the value that the UN presence brings to the country.
  • You will understand how to lead a team effectively and have proven ability and experience in complex stakeholder negotiations.
  • You will have energy and enthusiasm, as well as the stature to engage, influence, and encourage others to follow your lead.

Specifically, you will normally have:

  • A Master’s Degree or equivalent in International Relations, Political Sciences, Economics, Social and/or other Sciences, Human Rights, Humanitarian Law or a related field.
  • A minimum of 15 years of related substantive experience in the international arena that includes increasing levels of responsibility and 5 years of cumulative country level work.
  • Experience, demonstrated competencies, and achieved results in the following areas:
    – Development of strategies affecting the provision of advisory services.
    – Inter-organisational and international cooperation
    – Negotiation of partnerships and mobilisation of resources.
    – Management and leadership of programmes in development-related areas.
    – Working with national, regional and international entities.
  • Excellent knowledge of the UN System / Resident Coordinator System and a basic knowledge of international norms and standards.
  • Importantly, you will be able to demonstrate your personal alignment with the United Nations values and show how you have advanced our values in your current role.
  • You will be able to demonstrate how you can make a difference to our presence in the country; and how you can use your previous experience, knowledge, and skills to bring true leadership to this most vital role.

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