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Resources for RCs/HCs/DOs

  • UN RC System – an overview
    This document is part of a series of briefing notes prepared by the UN Development Operations Coordination Office for the Quadrennial Comprehensive Policy Review process in 2016. The UN Resident Coordinator (RC) system encompasses all organizations of the United Nations system dealing with operational activities for development, regardless of their formal presence in the country. The RC system aims to bring together the different UN agencies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of operational activities at the country level.
  • UN Leadership Model
    This paper summarizes the UN leadership model that is grounded in the United Nations Charter, the norms and standards of the organization as contained in its treaties and declarations, its core mandate to promote peace and security, protect human rights, address humanitarian needs, and advance economic and social progress and development, in the current and future imperatives of the sustainable development agenda, and in the UN policy framework constructed to advance those imperatives and to deliver results.
  • UN RC Competency Framework
  • Guidance Note on Gifts
    This message intends to give guidance on what staff members should do when offered a gift or benefit in the context of their official duties. Gifts and benefits from family and friends who have no ties to our professional duties are allowed. Also, the social exchange of gifts among colleagues is acceptable.
  • Handbook for Designated Officials for Security
    This handbook was developed in order to assist Designated Officials (DOs) in performing their role to ensure  the security of UN personnel and their eligible family members, UN premises and assets in country, and to ensure that programme requirements are balanced with security requirements. 
  • Handbook for RCs and HCs on Emergency Preparedness and Response
    This handbook outlines the key actions that Resident Coordinators (RCs) and Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs) should take to prepare for and respond to emergencies.
  • Checklist for RCs and HCs on Emergency Preparedness and Response
    This checklist provides guidance to RCs and HCs who are confronted with any type of humanitarian emergency and it maps out actions to take at the onset of an emergency.
  • Guidance for Humanitarian Country Teams
    This guidance note provides core directions to use in tailoring responsibilities, composition and modus operandi  of HCTs.
  • Guidance note for HCs on Human Rights
    This guidance note provides Humanitarian Coordinators (HCs) with a specific, clear and field-oriented tool to facilitate the integration of human rights into humanitarian action, and to outline the role of the HC in this context.
  • UN Entities Information Package
    This package provides basic and essential information on UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes.
  • Compendium of Learning Opportunities for Political Skills and Acumen
    This compendium provides a list of long and short-term courses and programmes on political studies and development which take between a week to several months of years to complete.
  • Reflections – Insight for RCs on Generating Entry Points for UN Engagement
    This ‘Reflection’ publication draws on the experiences of current and former RCs from a range of country contexts and seeks to highlight emerging examples of innovative approaches and, in doing so, raise awareness about the types of roles the UN can play in mediating, facilitating, convening, or otherwise supporting efforts that bring national stakeholders together to jointly address development and political challenges.

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